Monday, March 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This week's painting is a portrait.  Okay, not one in the typical sense of the word but a home portrait.  Our friends just bought this house and I think it has such a beautiful entrance, I wanted to try to capture it on paper.  I love the door and that tree looks so sculptural and it creates a nice balance for my composition.  I'd like to say that I created the composition but it really looks like this.  There are actually still a few colored leaves on the tree (only in California does fall last until March) but I wanted it to look completely skeletal so I left them off.  Artistic license again...I'm feeling the power!

This photo doesn't really show the colors very well.  The painting is more colorful.

Home Sweet Home
Image Size 16" x 12"


  1. Nancy, this is exquisitely beautiful. I wouldn't be surprised if you could launch a business in this type of piece alone. Truly a gorgeous piece and I love your artistic eye and ability to capture a beautiful scene such as this one.

  2. Beautiful Nancy! I love the composition because of the way the pathway leads the eye into the image, and then the tree leads the eye around again. Really nice!


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