Monday, August 1, 2011

Fuchsia Fuchsias - Oil Painting

This is an oil painting that I actually used a brush to paint.  I've used only palette knives for oil paintings for the past year.  I've started out using brushes on a lot of paintings but after a couple of strokes, I've picked up my palette knife and dumped the brushes.  For this one, I felt I needed a little more control so that I could give the flowers a more delicate look.  It was a lot of fun and I think I'll pick up the brushes again soon.

Fuchsia Fuchsias
Image Size 6" x 6"


  1. This is so lovely Nancy! I just love fuschias and you have captured their delicate beauty perfectly!

  2. I love this particular flower...beautiful color and love your brush strokes. This was my Mother's favorite flower. She always said that they looked like ballerina's dancing!

  3. Beautiful, Nancy! I couldn't imagine doing this with a palette knife.

  4. Soft and oh so breathtaking! I wonder how they smell? Love the darkened upper right corner...sigh...

  5. Thanks Theresa. This is the only way I can have them around because they don't seem to like growing in my yard.

    Thank you Hilda. I agree, they do look like dancers. They are one of my favorites too.

    Thanks Deborah. Yes, just thinking about doing this with a palette knife made my head hurt.

    Hi Sherry, I've never noticed a smell with these flowers. They look like they should smell wonderful.

  6. Well, I definately think you should keep using the brushes! Though, I love using the knives too. I mostly use brushes to lay in washes. Keep it up!

  7. Yes Kimberly, both have their place and different looks. I had fun using the brushes.


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