Monday, May 20, 2013

Orange Lilies

Orange has never been my favorite color.  In fact, it's my least favorite color.  So....why did I paint these flowers orange?

This was drawn a long time ago.  I don't even remember drawing it and don't know what photos I used as reference.  This paper was attached to one of my watercolor blocks and I wanted to paint it before I cut it off so that the paper would stay flat, which is the whole purpose of having a watercolor block.  I wasn't that motivated to work on it and I didn't want to paint white or pink lilies again so I guess that's why I decided to paint them orange.

The orange paint I usually use, mostly in mixtures so that it's not really orange, is Cadmium Orange.  After painting watercolors for 20 years, that tube of paint is finally gone.  : )  The only other orange I have is called Brilliant Orange, which is made by Holbein.  It's a nice clear color but but it isn't a very strong color.  I had to use this almost straight from the tube to get this much color.

This wasn't one of my favorite paintings to work on but the good news is that my watercolor block is now ready for a new project.

Orange Lilies
Image Size 12" x 16"


  1. Funny this would not be a favorite painting because I think it is truly beautiful, Nancy. Orange isn't one of my favorite colors either but it sure works in paintings, I think. I thought the purpose of using a block was so that you didn't have to tape down paintings and it helped to keep them from warping. LOL But mine always warp so I'm guessing you are correct.

  2. Your are correct about the block. We both said the same thing but said it differently. Maybe the way I said it didn't make sense. Sometimes, things make perfect sense in my head but when I put them down on paper, it's a different story.


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