Monday, April 21, 2014

A View From The Bluffs

A View From The Bluffs
Image Size 8" x 10"

This is another view from Heisler Park, which is on the bluffs above the beach in Laguna Beach.  I love these red flowers on the aloe plants that are growing all along the bluffs.  This is one of the most beautiful places I've seen and I'm lucky that I live fairly close to it.  

I painted this on a 8" x 10" canvas which is very different for me.  I usually like to paint on square or long, skinny canvas shapes but this scene seemed like it would look best on this shape.


  1. Truly a beautiful scene and also one of my favorite places that I've been as well. Laguna Beach...sigh...Love those red flowers framing the gorgeous sea. Quite a beautiful painting, Nancy!

  2. Wow! Beautiful location and beautiful job on the painting! One of my favorites of yours :)

  3. Thanks Theresa. I think the fact that I love this spot came through in the painting.

  4. I can hear the surf hitting the rocks and smell the salt air with this one. You nailed it. I was listening to AHA radio and Leslie said another 30 day challenged in September -you up for it?

    1. Thank you Nelvia. No, I'm not doing the challenge again, are you?


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