Monday, July 27, 2015

Tasty Tomatoes

"Tasty Tomatoes"
Image Size 9" x 12"

Here is the tomato from last week along with a couple more vine ripened tomatoes.  They aren't as flavorful as homegrown, but pretty good for store bought produce.  I was hoping to grow tomatoes this year but it wasn't in the cards.  No tomatoes taste as good as homegrown tomatoes!  Next summer I will have a bountiful garden.

When I decided to paint a second picture of these tomatoes, my intention was to do a 'saturated wet' watercolor painting.  I used Fabriano Artistico paper which didn't work well for this technique.  I think there is too much sizing in the paper.  When I tried to darken the colors, the previous layer lifted so I had to let it dry completely and paint it using traditional techniques.  Another thing I don't like about this brand of paper is that it has a huge watermark on the edge of the paper.  You can see it on the bottom edge of this painting.  To me, it is a distraction to a finished painting and that will keep me from buying this paper in the future.


  1. Such a lovely painting despite the paper issues. I enlarged it and the colors and deposit is beautiful!

  2. It is always frustrating when you try new materials. Usually the tried and true work best or we just adjusted our techniques. But sometimes something new can be a door opener. Even though it isn't how you wanted it turns out quite well. However, I still do ok,e you one do last week with the palette knife


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