Monday, February 1, 2016


Image size 7" x 12"
One of my wonderful artist friends, Nancy Grubb, sent a picture of this dragonfruit to me.  We are both painting it which is such a fun idea.  She already finished hers and I must say that I like hers better, but it is fun to have two artists painting the same subject and seeing how each approaches the subject.

I painted this on a piece of Arches 140# hot press paper.  I saturated it and worked on the wet paper until I did the finishing details.  Working on the saturated hot press was a bit different than working on the saturated cold press, and I do like the cold press better, but this was still a nice surface on which to paint.


  1. Not familiar with this, is it flower or fruit? Like the colors

    1. I think it's a fruit but I'm not going to taste it to find out! They are pretty interesting looking though.


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