Monday, April 4, 2016

Off The Grid

"Off The Grid"
Image size 7" x 7"
I'd like to see this abstract as a large painting.  In fact, I'd like to try to achieve all of this texture using only transparent watercolor.  I think that will be a future project.

This texture was achieved using collaged rice paper so it does have actual texture.  If I paint something similar in watercolor, it will look textured but be a smooth surface.  That sounds like a fun challenge.

I've used fresh, spring colors again.  I'm really enjoying this time of year and enjoy portraying it with such a happy color palette in paintings.


  1. this is a pretty neat idea Nancy. Do you watch the show that is on HGTV some times? I think it would look great as a large abstract, you might even put in the shape of the US under your grid lines, thought that was where you were going at first. Can't wait to see the next installment. Oh yeah, how are you going to get the texture with watercolor?

  2. Which show? I love HGTV. I can see how that one piece of collage looks a bit like Florida. : )
    When I do it in watercolor, I will probably use a combination of salt, water spray, and pressing items into the wet paint to achieve texture. We shall see...


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