Monday, February 27, 2017


Image size 8" x 12"
Mixed Media
We have a local art supply store that has classes and demos each month.  Last week I went to a demo for Akua printing inks.  I am not a printmaker, but had heard about these inks and wanted to learn more.  We were able to play with the supplies and we each made a mono print.  Once I got home I added to it with colored pencils.  I don't really need another medium, but I can see that printmaking could be a really fun artistic outlet.


  1. Excellent piece Nancy. Printmaking is getting very popular with some people I know at my workshop.

  2. I think that printmaking is really playing in the truest sense. You sure can't control it and always get a surprise. Now I'll have to look up these inks, hadn't heard of them.


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