Monday, July 17, 2017

Sweet Beverly

"Sweet Beverly"
Image size 15" x 12"
I've painted 3 different views of my friend Beverly wearing this fun red hat.  I haven't been totally happy with any of them, so you'll probably see another one sometime in the future.  I'm determined to get a really special painting out of these reference photos.

I want to paint more portraits so that I feel more comfortable with them.  I should probably pick a more forgiving medium so that I don't tighten up worrying about making a mistake that might not be fixable.


  1. In my opinion if you can paint a portrait in watercolor....which clearly you do, you can paint in any medium !!! This is wonderful Nancy....I hope to see more portraits!!!!

    1. Thank you Hilda. That is high praise coming from such an accomplish portrait artist.


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