Monday, May 14, 2018

Iris on Yupo

"Iris On Yupo"
Image size 11" x 14"
This probably looks like one of my older paintings and it should.  I started this probably 8 years ago and never finished it.  I've been cleaning out my studio (again) and when I found this painting, I decided I needed to finish it.  I think this is the only painting that I have done on Yupo (a plastic, non-absorbent paper) because I find it to be a very hard surface to paint on.  The results can be interesting, but I have trouble with lint getting onto the surface and in the paint.  After I finished painting this, I spritzed it with a light mist of water which gave it an interesting texture.


  1. I think it is beautiful, Nancy. I have always loved Yupo work as there is a brilliance and clarity to the watercolors when laid on it that I do not find in typical papers. That said, I've never managed to get that beautiful jewel like look myself...

    1. It's so good to hear from you Sherry. I lost you in blogland. I hope you are doing some painting. It is such a good thing for our souls.

  2. It's beautiful. Glad you decided to finish it.


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