Monday, October 5, 2009

Paradise Lost IV - Watercolor

This is the fourth painting in the Paradise Lost series and is a re-do of one of the paintings that I did in 1995 when I first thought of this idea. The original painting is shown below. My idea was to show how Orange County's original crop and namesake has changed and now we have a new 'crop'. In the painting that shows the oranges growing on the tree, I used pure, clean colors to show nature's beauty and in the painting with the houses 'growing' I used a more muddied palette to give a sense of a less clean, more man-made environment.

Paradise Lost IV
Image Size 11" x 11" each

The above painting is the original 1995 painting.


  1. I remember this one from 1995. Great improvement over the original.

  2. Thanks Debbie. Next week's painting, the fifth in the series is also a re-do of a painting from Hillary's class. Then the series will be done. I'm ready to do something new. I'm getting tired of painting oranges and I'm making myself depressed thinking so much about all of the overbuilding. Maybe I'll paint some pretty flowers and think happy thoughts!


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