Monday, October 12, 2009

Paradise Lost V - watercolor

Finally, the last painting in my Paradise Lost series is finished. This painting is a re-do of the very first painting that started this series in 1995. I wanted to show how the beautiful orange groves have become 'groves' of houses. I painted smog on this one as I did in Paradise Lost III. I can't believe I finally finished what I started 14 years ago. I'm sure my friends and family that think I never finish anything are shocked! After the first 3, I admit I started losing steam, especially since the last 2 paintings in the series used ideas that were not new and fresh, but I knew that if I took a break to paint other subjects, I would probably never finish the last two paintings for this series. I must say that I'm really tired of painting oranges, leaves and houses. The original painting that I painted in 1995 is shown below.

Paradise Lost V
Image Size 22" x 30"

This is the painting that started it all in 1995.


  1. Hi Nancy - I agree that doing a series can get a bit tiresome when all you want to do is break out and start something entirely different, but I'm glad you forged ahead and finished this one! I think you did a great job on creating variations of the same message. I like your use of pure vs muddied color in #IV. For me, the most eloquent is still #II.

  2. Deborah, the second painting in the series is my favorite also. It took the most time to paint and I think it shows the message the best.

  3. Wow Nancy I had never seen the last one in-progress and I am as delighted to see completion as you. It is a series that really tells a compelling story and should at some time be displayed in a show together.


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