Monday, April 19, 2010

Waterlily II

I'm playing with charcoal and watercolor again. I also have some gouache on it. I threw a little bit of everything at this one. It sure is bright! I like the black contrasting with the bright colors. I think it has a happy feeling to it. Maybe that's because I was feeling happy while I painted it. It was very relaxing to throw paint on a wet piece of paper with the idea that it was going to be loose (for me) and have a carefree feeling. It was a good exercise in giving up control.

Image size 14" x 18"
Mixed Media


  1. Nancy, all of your pieces have a sense of crispness to them that I adore. This one is no exception. I love too the blended colors at the tips of the flower petals. You just do masterful things with color and I love seeing all of your pieces! By the by, I posted those photos you asked for...

  2. Nancy - I love the bright colors in this. And yes, that black outline works very well. I'm glad it isn't all outlined, just certain lines - gives it a very nice, happy feel to it. The fact that you were happy when you painted it really does show through. Nice work! - Nan

  3. You're right - it IS a happy painting! I like the black strokes too. I've done a few silk paintings with gestural lines done in black gutta as accents - they do lend movement and immediacy to the piece. Do more like this!

  4. This is just stunning, Nancy!

  5. Thank you Sherry. You are always such a great supporter.
    Thanks Nancie. I had to stop myself from adding too much black because it was fun to do.
    Deborah, I need to do a silk painting. It's been so long that I think I'm having withdrawals. I'll have to try the black gutta accents. That's a good idea.
    Thanks Amy.

  6. I have a love for all things floral as you know but some flowers hold a special place and here is one captured beautifully. Its feel deep in the mud it reaches up and through to bring its beauty. Thank YOU.

  7. Nancy I love this!!!!! Love it.


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