Monday, May 16, 2011

Lost Canyon II - Oil Painting

I know this will surprise you but I actually did what I said I would do this week.  I always have good intentions but am easily distracted by new ideas and projects.  This is my oil painting version of last weeks' abstract.  Of course, it looks nothing like the first version but I like it for different reasons.  First, it is BIG -  30" x 40"!  I really like working large but this is really big for me since I usually work with watercolor and a full size sheet of watercolor paper is 22" x 30"
This painting has a drippier look where last week's painting had a more subtle, diffused look.  I like both but being a watercolorist, I probably would choose the watercolor because I love that look I can get as the paints mingle before they dry.  This painting has a more graphic look I think, which works with it's larger size.
I painted this with very thinned oil paints which feels more natural to me having worked with water-based mediums for so long.  I really don't like the feel of thick oil paints unless I'm doing a palette knife painting.  It feels like I'm fighting the paint when it's thick.  I'm sure it's just lack of experience with oils but the fluidity of thin paint just feels better to me.
What do you think?  The oil or the watercolor?  Which do you prefer?

Lost Canyon II
Image Size 30" x 40"
Unframed - gallery wrapped canvas painted on sides, no frame needed


  1. Interesting to compare the 2 versions... I also like the watercolor best, because of the translucent qualities of the paint, but this oil is interesting because of the drips. Size also makes an impact that is lost on a computer monitor. What a great exercise, thank you for sharing, Nancy.

  2. Hi Robin, I've often thought of trying the same subject in different mediums but never considered the size aspect. I think I will pursue this idea some more in the future.

  3. I also prefer watercolors but occasionally go to oils when the piece I have in mind just needs them. Of course, much of what I do is worthless dreck anyway, but there you go. Still, though, Nancy, this oil piece is just as lovely as the watercolor. I can see some depth to make it a canyon too.

  4. Sherry, stop putting down your artwork. I haven't seen anything that you've done that should be described as worthless or dreck. I know we are all our own worst critics but you are brutal to yourself! I happen to really like your art which is why I follow your blog. I also like that you have such a passion for art and are not afraid to try anything new.

  5. You ask a difficult question Nancy, because they are so different! ALthough I'm usually not big fan of oils either, I vote for oil version this time! I really like the extended, discrete drips.

  6. Thanks for your input Deborah. The drips have definitely created some interesting textural details in this painting that don't show in the photo. This has to be seen in person to get the whole effect not only of the details in the painting but the size.

  7. Very beautiful! such a great colors and composition Nanacy!


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