Monday, May 2, 2011

Tropical Fragrance - Watercolor

This was such a fun painting.  I love these flowers.  I know I say that about almost every flower but I am a gardener so that's to be expected.  Plumeria are such fragrant beauties.  They remind me of my first trip to Hawaii and bring back wonderful memories.  I painted this on Ampersand's Aquabord which I love.  I also really like this 6" x 6" format.  When they are framed in the drop-in frames, they look stunning and none of the painting is hidden behind the frame.  You can see what I mean below:
Tropical Fragrance
Image Size 6" x 6"


  1. Nancy, this is indeed beautiful! I didn't realize that these were plumeria. I thought it was the flower that comes with vanilla bean pods for some reason. LOL (I obviously don't know the names of most but the commonest flowers!)

  2. It is beautiful, Nancy, and the frame is the perfect compliment. Is this under glass? Is it safe using watercolor on ampersand without glass?

  3. This is wonderful, I can almost smell the fragrance. Love the color you did within the flowers & leaves.

  4. I love plumeria, but sad to say, I lost my plant when we had an unexpected freeze this past Dec. This is a beautiful painting, Nancy.

  5. Thanks Sherry. I think we are all only familiar with whatever flowers we're exposed to. I have a couple of friends that have beautiful plumeria trees so I was able to get some really good reference photos.

    Thanks Robin. It isn't under glass. I seal the watercolors with 5 to 6 coats of a matte varnish so it's permanent and as safe as any acrylic or oil would be. Of course, care needs to be taken so that it's not scratched as with any painting not protected by glass.

    Thanks Nancie.

  6. hi nancy! this is just beautiful! i've had such a lovely time look through your website and blog. your work is just lovely!


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