Monday, July 2, 2012

After The Rain

The photo from which this was painted was taken last summer in Burano, which is one of the islands around Venice, Italy.   My husband and I had been there about 10 years ago but it was cloudy then and I didn't get any pictures with sun and shadows so I was very excited to be able to go there again, this time with our kids, so that they could see Venice with its surrounding islands and so that I could get some better pictures.  Of course this time it was raining!  We took the ferry and went to Murano first (an island where glass blowing is common) and just as the ferry pulled up to Burano the sun came out!  Lucky me!

I was happy to see colorful umbrellas throughout the city hanging on the shutters to dry.  It added charm to an already charming place.  So it turns out that the rain was a good thing.  We almost waited until the next day to go because of the rain but it's a good thing we didn't or we wouldn't have seen Burano at all.  That day all of the people that worked in transportation were on strike.  No ferrys, no gondolas, no trash pick up either so I guess it wasn't only the transportation people on strike.

Burano is known for its beautiful lace.  I'm not much of a lace person but it's always interesting to see hand crafted items.  In Burano the buildings are all brightly painted.  The color of this building was turquoise but I changed it because I felt that bright color would take the focus away from the umbrellas - artistic license at work.

After the Rain
Image Size 22" x 22"


  1. Votre aquarelle est magnifique... J'aime cette capture prise sur le vif.
    Je suis une grande amoureuse de Venise. Mas comment ne pas être séduite par un tel lieu, n'est-ce pas ?...

    Gros bisous.

  2. Merci Martinealison. Venise est vraiment un endroit séduisant. Je n'ai jamais été nulle part ailleurs que possède le charme et le mystère qui est là.

  3. People are so ingenious! I love your artist's eye, Nancy. You seem to take delight in the different, as I do.

  4. What an unusual and beautiful painting! I love the shadows :0)

  5. Hi Sherry. These umbrellas all over this small island hanging from shutters was such a pretty site. I will probably be painting some more in the future.

    Thank you Sandra. When I saw this scene with the long shadows I knew that this would be a painting.

  6. Hola Nancy muy bonita la pintura, eres una artista.
    que tengas una buena semana.

  7. Beautiful work the shadows are magic.

  8. Beautiful colors and shadow painted these umbrellas so perfectly!!!

  9. Thank you Hilda. The umbrellas were a lot of fun to paint.

  10. Loved your story and the painting. loved the light on umbrellas and its color reflecting on the building!


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