Monday, January 25, 2016

Heavy Clouds

"Heavy Clouds"
Image Size 7.5" x 11"

Not much to say about this one.  It's just a little cloud study.  I'm busy painting my house this week so my focus really isn't on artwork.  Hopefully, next week's painting will be a little more inspiring.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Image Size 7.5" x 14"

This is my attempt to paint my friend's dog Sheilah.  I'm afraid that I didn't capture this sweet girl's essence but it was fun to try.  The poor girl looks like she really needs to go to the groomer.  I didn't mean to make her look so messy but that's what happens when you overwork a painting.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Leaden Sky

"Leaden Sky"
Image Size 15.5" x 15.5"

We have been promised a season of heavy rain.  So far, we have had a few days of heavy rain and our skies have been overcast all week.  I love the look of heavy, gray skies, probably because we have so many days of sun.  I'm not complaining about sunny days.  It's just nice to have some gray days to mix things up.

This is another encaustic in my series of waves/weather.  It's so much fun to paint in this medium and then fuse the wax and see the surface change.  I usually paint using brighter colors but thought these muted colors were a nice change. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Longing For Spring

Longing For Spring
Image size 6" x 8"

This small abstract is watercolor on paper but I used an acrylic gloss medium as a finish coat.  The shine really enhances the texture of the paper.  

I love these colors.  They remind me of the fresh new growth of spring, which is my favorite time of year.  I added some gold metallic acrylic paint on top and swirled it into the gloss medium while it was still wet.  This is a small abstract.  I would really like to do something like this in a much larger format.  

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