Monday, December 26, 2011


I felt the need to throw some paint and this is the result.  I looked back at last year's post at this time and it is very similar.  You can check out that one, "Strained" if you'd like and you'll see that this time of year  is not my favorite but it's my own fault.  I always feel out of control.  Last year, I made plans to do a better job of being organized about the holidays but obviously that didn't happen.  I just don't think I have it in me to get things done in a timely manner and that causes STRESS. it's over for another year.  I know those of you that love Christmas think I'm crazy but I'm really happy that we can get on to the new year.  I'll make the same resolution to be more organized and we'll see what the outcome is for 2012.  Who knows, if I get everything done ahead of time for the holidays next year, Christmas may become my favorite holiday.

This is a watercolor with bits of acrylic which I had to use (the white) because it was getting so dark.  It sure was liberating to throw all of that paint though.

Image size 15" x 22"

Monday, December 19, 2011


There were so many beautiful places that we visited during our Alaskan cruise last year and I've been looking through all of my photos from that trip.
I found this beautiful scene in Skagway.  It was such a clear, crisp day in June.  I'm not used to seeing snow that time of year so this was a refreshing change.  The temperature high during the day was around 58 degrees F - also a first.  I'm used to our "June Gloom" but even with no sun shining, it's still much, much warmer than that.  I've never worn a jacket and scarf in June before.

This is done in pastels on Sennelier La Carte paper.

Image size 6" x 10"

Monday, December 12, 2011

Silk Wisteria, painting on silk

I had so much fun with this one, I think I will need to do another silk painting really soon.  This one has my favorite color combination - purple and lime green.  Wisterias have such beautiful and showy flowers.  I've always wanted one in our yard but we don't really have a spot for it.  They can get fairly large.  As they get old, their trunk structure is very interesting.  Fortunately, two of our neighbors have them in their front yards so I get to enjoy them each spring when they are blooming.

Silk Wisteria
Image Size 15" x 15.5"
Silk dyes on silk
Stretched on archival board but unframed

Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Through The Clouds

This was painted from a photo I took while traveling on a bus between Liverno and Lucca in Tuscany.  The sky was so beautiful and the scene was so tranquil that I had to try to capture the feeling.  I really love the Tuscan countryside and you'll probably see many more scenes from this area in the future.

Breaking Through The Clouds
Image Size 6" x 6"

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