Monday, January 28, 2019

Pear Study - Cool Colors

"Pear Study - Cool Colors
Image size 8" x 12"
I have signed up for a watercolor class this semester to learn a different viewpoint on techniques and color.  Our first assignment was to paint a still life using 3 cool primary colors and a second painting using 3 warm primary colors.

This is my 'cool' painting.  I used Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Prussian Blue.  I haven't finished the warm one yet, but it doesn't look very different colorwise from this one so far.  For the warm color palette, I used Cadmium Yellow Light, Winsor Red, and Ultramarine Blue.  I consider Ultramarine Blue to be a cool blue, but everyone else says it is a warm blue.  I have a lot to learn about color temperature I guess.

Monday, January 21, 2019

DC Townhouse

"DC Townhouse"
Image size 18" x 14"

The color in this photo isn't very good.  I forgot to take a good picture of it when it was finished.  The outside edges of this vignette are white even though they look grey in this photo.

Painting house portraits is a bit stressful for me because I want to capture the house just as the owners see it.  I do like to paint architectural details since I used to do architectural drafting when I was younger.   I'm glad this one is finished and off to its new home.  I hope my clients love it.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Nature's Force

"Nature's Force"
Image size 12" x 12"

There are so many acrylic mediums that can be used either as grounds for a painting or mixed with paint to create different effects.  I started this painting by putting crackle paste on my painting surface.  Then I used a very watery medium blue color to get into the cracks.  After that, I layered many different colors, some very diluted and others full strength to build up the colors.  I began to lose the look of the cracks so to finish the painting, I did a final thin veil of the blue to get into the cracks and wiped that paint off of the surface of the painting.

I used Golden acrylic products as I usually do.  Their products are high quality and as a company, they are very helpful.  Their website has a lot of information and videos about their products and how to use them.  They also have free demo classes throughout the country.  

Monday, January 7, 2019


Image size 5" x 7"
Watercolor/Acrylic/Rice Paper
I'm experimenting again.  This was painted on a piece of mat board.  First I attached different textures of rice paper using a matte medium as the glue.  Then I poured some watercolors that I had mixed up a while ago which is probably why there were specks of color instead of each color being completely smooth (which I really like).  After that dried, I used my Derwent "Inktense" watersoluble ink pencils for some added detail.  These pencils have very intense color and are permanent once dry.  

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