Monday, December 6, 2021



24" x 12"
Encaustic w/shellac burn

Here is another abstract using a lot of blues/browns.  I seem to be using those colors a lot lately.  They are such a soothing combination.  Well, actually this painting doesn't look so soothing, haha.  I decided to play around with some shellac burning on this one.  When seen in person, it is very dimensional with lots of colorful layers.

Monday, November 29, 2021



48" x 16"

I had fun with these free-form circles.  Before adding them I got the background built up with all of the layers that I wanted for depth.  Then it was time to play with the circles.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Our Ocean View


"Our Ocean View"
Image size 48" x 84"
This is the largest encaustic that I've painted so far.  I had so much fun working on it and am really happy with the result.  Below is a picture of it hanging in its new home.  

My clients and I discussed not only the size that the painting should be for the space but also how to break it up into a triptych.  We decided that a triptych with different size panels would be more interesting than one with identically sized panels.

Honestly, the reason for making this painting a triptych was so that it would fit into my car for delivery, but I think it is a much better painting because it is three panels.

Here are some close-ups so you can see some of the visual texture.

Monday, October 25, 2021



Image size 18" x 18"
I really fought with this painting.  My original concept was completely different and I wasn't happy with where it was going.  I added different colors thinking, "yeah, this will look really good", and being disappointed again...and again.  

The nice thing about encaustic is that I can continue to add wax and it just gets better and better.   For this painting, I used thin veils of color as I worked so the previous layers could be seen and added to the final result.  I am finally happy with it!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Lily Pad Pond


Lily Pad Pond
Image size 18" x 48"

Here's another skinny painting but this time it has a horizontal orientation.  This is a commission.  My clients liked a painting that I had painted that is similar to this but much smaller (10" x 14") and painted with watercolor.  They had a specific spot for this painting and a specific size and chose oil as the medium.  I love painting something that fits a special space in a client's home.

Monday, October 11, 2021



Image size 48" x 12"

I love a long, skinny format for paintings!  This has a lot of depth that isn't showing in the photo.  I painted this to enter into a juried show.  It was accepted into the show and sold soon after the show ended.

Monday, August 9, 2021



Image size 12" x 16"

Here is an encaustic that I painted a few months ago and am just getting around to posting it.  I've painted very little in the past year and am trying to paint regularly once again.

It felt really good to do an encaustic.  I've really missed working in that medium.  This painting has some areas of shellac burning and the white line was inscribed and filled with white encaustic.  I haven't done that before and really like the effect.

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