Saturday, September 5, 2020

San Clemente House Portrait


"San Clemente House Portrait"
Image size 11.5" x 20"

I stopped doing the weekly paintings at the end of June.  I certainly didn't think that it would take two months before I posted another painting!  I guess I really needed a break.

This painting is a commission of a home in San Clemente.  I haven't painted a house portrait for about a year and a half.  I really enjoy painting them but had forgotten how stressful they can be to paint.  It's important for me to capture the look of the house, add artistic license, and have the clients be happy which causes me to overthink my decisions every step of the way.

This is a poured painting, which I think adds a lot of beauty.  The glow that is achieved by pouring thin veils of blue, yellow, and red in many layers gives a cohesive look to the painting.  I poured paints for about half of the painting and switched to direct painting.  This home is beautifully landscaped and having the plants as a focal point was important to the owners.  It would be hard to achieve the color and detail of the plants in a completely poured painting.

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