Monday, July 27, 2009

Acrylic Wisteria

Wisteria flowers are one of my favorite subjects which you may have noticed. This one is painted in acrylic - always a challenge for me. When I started painting the background (my first step,) I was fighting with the paint because I was treating it as though I was painting in watercolor. I know better than to do this but each time I paint in acrylics, it's as though I'm doing it for the first time. I guess I'm either a slow learner or I'm stubborn and determined to do it MY way. However, the paint always seems to win.
The canvas that this is painted on is rather unique. It is a gallery wrapped canvas but instead of having sides that are perpendicular to the front, the sides angle toward the back at a 45 degree angle so the painting can be hung in a corner of a room at a 45 degree angle. It can also be hung on a wall in a traditional manner and then looks like it is floating. It's a fun concept.

Acrylic Wisteria
Image Size 12" x 12"

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