Monday, February 15, 2010

Pink Plumeria - Silk Painting

This is my 100th blog post! That doesn't really mean anything except that 100 of anything seems like is should be some kind of milestone. It doesn't seem like I've posted that many paintings. I look forward to Mondays and each new post. Some weeks it's been a little stressful to get a painting finished in time but knowing that Monday is looming has kept me on task and motivated.

Had I known in advance about this momentous occasion I would have tried to paint something more unusual and thought provoking but this is what you get. I'm back in my tropical mode and this is a silk painting. I love plumeria and even though the flowers that are this color don't have as strong a scent as the white ones do, the intensity of their color screams 'tropical' to me. And besides, does the scent really matter in a painting?

Pink Plumeria
Image Size 17" x 17"
Silk Dyes on Silk


  1. Oh how pretty!! Love those pops of orange and yellow in the hearts of the plumeria, Nancy. Are plumeria what leis are made from (whoa! the grammar!)...?

  2. Woo Hoo! Congratulations on "100"! That is most commendable! I admire your discipline in posting every Monday! Your silk paintings are fabulous and Pink Plumeria is absolutely gorgeous! The background is interesting without taking away from the lovely blossoms! Great piece!

  3. WOW!!!! I Love these brilliant colors! Nicely designed, too.

    Congratulations on Post 100. It IS a landmark, and finally I've found you. This is my first visit, but I will be back for more.

  4. I love the blending of colors in the petals, and the green salted area! Ain't salt wonderful?

    I gave you a Sunshine Award today on my blog, check it out at

  5. Love your plumeria. Reminds me so much of home. Beautifully done.

  6. Yes Sherry, those are plumeria.

    Thanks Rosemary.

    R, I'm glad you found my blog. I've been enjoying yours for a while now. Welcome.

    Deborah, thank you for the sunshine award. And yes, I do love salt (and alcohol) and the effects both give to the silk paintings.

    Lokelani, I'm glad it reminds you of home.

  7. gorgeous Nancy! I don't know how you do it, does the stuff have to be stretched tight to paint on?
    Re sunflowers:


  8. Thanks Nick. Silk painting is really a fun medium. I love the graphic quality and bright colors that are achieved with it. Yes, the silk does need to be stretched above a surface tightly enough so that when it gets wet it doesn't sag and touch the surface below.
    Thanks for the link to Jimmy Wright's site. His work is wonderful. Each sunflower is so different and he's created a beautiful sense of movement with the pastel medium.


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