Monday, March 28, 2011

Galactic Litter Redone

This may look familiar to you.  Above is a re-worked painting that I originally painted about 6 months ago but there were parts of it that I didn't like - to the point that it almost made me shudder when I looked at it.  I loved the background but the shapes in the foreground looked like internal organs to me.  Yuck!!!
Below is the original:
The picture of the re-done painting (at the top of this post) is actually brighter but it isn't coming across very well on the computer.  I didn't change the background except to add a little bit of red to lead the viewer's eyes around.  While I like the colors better in the new version and the loss of the body parts, I miss the strong sense of depth that the painting had because now it no longer has the strong value contrast that I originally created.  It no longer looks like "Galactic Litter" to me.  Now it looks like an underwater scene.  Or maybe it's some of the litter that we've dumped in our oceans that's floating on top.  What do you think?  Do I need a new title?  Also, I would love comments (positive or negative) on what I've done.  If you like the original better, too bad!  It's gone forever. : )  I can sleep better now knowing that I won't ever have to look at those internal organs again.
One of the things that I really like about abstract paintings is how everyone sees something different in them but once I saw those original shapes as internal organs, I couldn't see them as anything else.


  1. lol. It's really all in the eye of the beholder! I would never have thought of them as body parts until you mentioned it! To me they looked like drops of molten gold floating on... something. Your new version reminds me of some rich and juicy primordial soup, the beginnings of life.

    Hard to say which I prefer. I liked how the gold/organs popped from the background, but I find the new one (maybe because there's not as much depth) makes me want to look at it longer, to discover all the hidden shapes and potential life forms!

    Glad you're sleeping better :-)

  2. Deborah, I think you're right about the new one having more hidden shapes.

  3. I think the green adds a more organic feel (pun not intended!) and I do think a new title would better suit the final version. I do see ocean, algae, sea life.

  4. I think I get a sense of "heavenly bodies" in the re-worked version, Nancy. I also agree with Deborah on what was striking in the original version. But boy! I sure do love the blues and greens in the new version...So? Do I speak with forked tongue or from both sides of the mouth??? LOL

  5. I liked the old one, but also the new one! I do see sea life in the new one, like an underwater labyrinth. It's fun to look at and visually explore. Underwater eye candy!

  6. I do like the colors better in the new version. To mean it has a Japanese influence. In its abstractedness, I see the elements--earth, fire, water, wind...

  7. Hi Robin, I'm trying to come up with a new title now.

    Thanks Tim.

    Hi Sherry, no forked tongue, you just know what you like.

    Theresa, I like your ideas, they are helping me come up with a new title.

    Thanks Nancy. You're very creative with your visions.

  8. You are right, the depth is gone, but I love the new colors.

  9. Hi Jerry, I miss the depth but I'm much happier with the colors and shapes.


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