Monday, February 11, 2013

Laguna - Poured Painting

I haven't done a poured watercolor painting for a long time so I decided to do one this week.  Poured paintings have a very graphic quality, which I really like.  Each time a layer of paint is poured and dries, another layer of resist is added to areas that don't need to be any darker to save those values from future pours.

This is a large painting, 22" x 30", and doing each pour was a bit messy.  I ended up with a lot of the paint on my shoes.  I haven't quite learned how to keep the paint on the paper while I'm blending the colors together.  I think I might be using too much paint.

I didn't stretch the paper because I have been told that the paper can be manipulated better if it's not stretched and can be bent to make the paint go where you want.  This paper, Arches #150, dried with big vertical ripples in it which made subsequent pours very difficult.  I think I'll try the next poured painting on stretched paper and see how that works or maybe I'll use a thicker paper.

By the time a poured painting is done, it is almost completely covered with resist so it's hard to know what it is going to look like when the resist is removed.  Taking the resist off is like opening a package.  You don't know what you're going to find.  It's really fun!

Image size 22" x 30"


  1. I like it! The water is luminous and beautiful! Very stylized.

  2. Nancy, this is gorgeous! I love it! How exciting to discover how well your pours turned out when you finally "opened that package".

  3. I've never tried a poured painting, unless squirting paint at paper counts! LOL I think this is one gorgeous viewpoint, Nancy. And such a beautiful end result!

  4. Une très belle oeuvre ma chère...
    Un lieu qui me semble extraordinaire.
    J'aime l'atmosphère qui y règne...
    et l'harmonie des couleurs.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  5. Thank you Kathleen. One reason I like the way poured watercolors look is the luminosity created when the colors meld together.

    Thank you Leslie. You are my inspiration when it comes to pouring. To me, you are the queen of poured watercolors!

    Thanks Sherry. You should trying a poured watercolor. I know you would love it.

    Merci Martinealison. La scène que j'ai recréé dans cette peinture est un endroit vraiment magique et je me sens chanceux de vivre assez près de lui.

  6. Since I don't do watercolors, I don't know what poured painting is but it sure works for you. This is an amazing painting. The water looks so realistic...a very beautiful scene.!!

  7. Thank you Hilda. I think I'll try to do a slideshow of a poured painting so it will make more sense to everyone.

  8. What an interesting process and a fantastic painting. The perspective is great and really shows the depth of the scene and the colors are wonderful!

  9. Thank you Theresa. It is a fun process.


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