Monday, March 4, 2013

A View From Above - Encaustic

This is the third encaustic that I've done since I took that one day workshop in October and they are so much fun.  This one is the largest one so far.  It is 10" x 10" and my first two were 6" x 6".  I have a few supports that are 18" x 18" so my next ones may be even bigger.

On this one, I used encaustic gesso to prime the wood.  This time, I didn't put a layer of clear wax on first and I was much happier with the result.  When I had the clear layer of wax as my first layer, it made the colors I put on top do weird things.  I had much more control this time.

For me, the fusing is the fun part of encaustics.  Trying to get the wax to level out without moving it where is shouldn't go is a challenge.  On my next one, I think I will pick a subject with more detail to see what I can accomplish.

The finished encaustics have such a wonderful finish.  They can be buffed to a beautiful sheen and have a very unique look.

A View From Above
Image Size 10" x 10"


  1. A beautiful beach scene, Nancy! Love those red flowers and wonderful greens!!

  2. Congrats on working with something new - this came out great! Encaustic is on my list to do one day, after viewing your work with it, I think I need to move it up on the list!

  3. I do have one encaustic piece from Robin Samiljan and I just love it. I am loving your forays into the encaustic process too and your colors are so beautifully vibrant!!!

  4. Thank you Hilda. Those are very hardy flowers (I think the plants are yuccas, and they give such an unexpected punch of color when you see this scene in person.

    Thanks Nan. I think you would really enjoy the encaustic. It's a very different medium.

    Thank you Sherry. I love Robin's work. She is an inspiration to me.

  5. Love this scene and these cactus blooms are my favorite!


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