Saturday, June 29, 2013

Giclee Prints

I am offering this image as a giclee print.  I've done prints for a couple of paintings in the past.  It's definitely not my focus but this particular image was used for the cover of the Tustin Garden Club Yearbook a couple of years ago and there has been a lot of interest in it.

I have cropped a portion of the original painting to use for the giclee.  I really like the contemporary look of the succulent up close with the square orientation.

This is available as a limited edition print.  It can be printed on canvas or archival watercolor paper.  Both are 20" x 20".  The canvas print is on a gallery wrapped stretched canvas and has the image continuing around the sides.  No frame is needed for this option.

Graptoveria Giclee

Canvas - 20" x 20" 1.5" thick gallery wrapped canvas    Price:  $125.00

Paper - 20" x 20" print on archival watercolor paper       Price:  $75.00


  1. My goodness, Nancy, this painting is stunning! Wow!

  2. This is SO, SO beautiful, Nancy!!! I love the soft pastel colors and wonderful shadowing...WONDERFUL piece!!

  3. love this!! the vagueness of the color, the wonderful blends....great job Nancy!!

  4. It is exquisite and I can see why it is getting a lot of attention! I don't remember how it was cropped before, but I too like the square format and up-close look of it.

  5. Thank you Hilda, Hill and Theresa. I love the colors in these wonderful plants and they were fun to paint.


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