Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If you happen to be at the John Wayne Airport, Orange County, anytime between July 10th and August 8th, check out the art on display.  I will have 13 of my paintings in the non-secured areas of the airport.  They will be located in cases next to the security entrances for all 3 terminals and in the 2 baggage claim areas, adjacent to baggage carousel 1 and 4.

All of the paintings are watercolors that I have painted within the past few years.  Although I finish a painting each week, it was challenging to pull together a cohesive group of only watercolor paintings that I felt would show well together and were the right sizes to fill the cases nicely.  

I'm very excited to have this opportunity to show my work in such an unexpected venue and hope that people will have the time to check out my art as they wait in line for security or upon arrival when they get their luggage.


  1. What an opportunity to display your paintings, Nancy!!! An airport is the perfect spot where so many people will be stopping to enjoy your work!!! Congratulations...

  2. Thanks Hilda. I've heard that about 700,000 people go through that airport each month.

  3. GUESS WHAT!? I'm going to be flying to Brea for the CP convention! I'll be there during that time! Could you send me the information about exactly where to see it when I get there?!

  4. Wowzers and i even know you!!! Congratulations! That is so, so exciting. All of your hard, constant work pays off!! Whoopee!!

  5. I saw a couple of walls of art at the Shreveport Airport a couple of years ago and I was enthralled. I thought it was a fabulous place to display art. I hope this show brings you some wonderful sales, Nancy!

  6. Hi Katherine. Congrats on getting a painting into the CP show. I'm going to go see it and maybe I'll see you there.

    Thanks Jill.

    Hi Sherry. I know everyone is in a hurry to catch their planes, but I put in some of my brightest paintings so hopefully people will notice them. : )


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