Monday, August 12, 2013

Rocky Point II

Back in the 90's we went on a cruise to the Caribbean.  When we were docked in Barbados,  we asked a taxi driver to take us to the nicest hotel where we could spend the day.  He took us to "The Crane" in Crane's bay.  The hotel sat on a cliff and had such a charming atmosphere, relaxing pool area, and an old stone walkway down to the beach.  I've painted that before and plan to paint more from my reference photos of this area.  This scene was at the opposite end of the bay from the hotel.  I love that clear turquoise water of the Caribbean.  Someday, I would love to re-visit this spot but for now, I'll do it with my paintings.

I'm STILL cleaning my studio!  What a mess it was.  Half of it is done and the second half will be easier so I'm hopeful that this week it will be done.  I can't wait until it is finished and I will NEVER let it get so messy again!  This painting was an unfinished project that I finished this week so that is one less unfinished project out in the studio.  Only umpteen more to go......

Rocky Point II
Image Size 6" x 12"

Oh, here is the painting that I did of the stone walkway to the beach at Crane's Bay:


  1. This painting from Barbados is so beautiful and peaceful...I've never been to this Island but it looks so inviting. The stone walkway is amazing! I thought it was a photo at first!!!
    and I try to keep my studio clean but it never works!! I don't understand what happens!!..LOL

  2. I love your seascapes Nancy. You capture the water, rocks, and sky so beautifully!

  3. Looks gorgeous, Nancy. I could sit in a lawn chair with a book (in the shade) all day and just watch the water. I remember the rocky stairway to the beach and it is still just beautiful to me.

  4. Thank you Hilda. Barbados is a beautiful island.
    I think we creative types have a problem with organization. At least I do and that's what I'm using as my excuse.

    Thank you Theresa.

    Thank you Sherry. I like your idea of how to spend the day. Not only is it wonderful to watch the waves, the sound is awesome too and if you have a good book...well, it just doesn't get any better. Wait, a tropical cocktail would make it better! And some good food...and good friends...


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