Monday, September 9, 2013

Foxgloves in Colored Pencil on TerraSkin

Last week went to see the International Colored Pencil Society's exhibit at the Brea Gallery.  It was crazy good!  I think my mouth was probably hanging open in awe the entire time I was there.  I was able to see some work done by some of my blogging friends which was really fun.  I've always been amazed by art done by colored pencil artists.  I haven't used the medium very much but I have done enough to know how much time and patience goes into each piece.  

Anyway, seeing the show inspired me to drag out my colored pencils, wipe off the cobwebs and give them another try.  This piece is about as big as I'm willing to go using colored pencils and it still took longer to finish than a painting in any other medium twice the size.  It was fun to do though.  Using colored pencils puts me in a very meditative state.  It is a much less stressful medium than watercolor.

I wanted to try using my beloved TerraSkin for this drawing to see how it worked.  I really didn't expect much because it has such a smooth surface.  There is a little bit of a tooth but I didn't think I would be able to layer more than two layers before the tooth filled up.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Some areas have 5 or 6 layers and the surface probably could have taken even more.

I'm even more impressed with the TerraSkin now and that's saying a lot. 

The colored pencil show will be on display until September 13th.  If you are in the area and are able to go see it, I would definitely recommend it.

Image Size 6" x 4"
Colored Pencil 


  1. Yes it is slow but I love the colour and texture that you can get. You picture looks good, I haven't tried the Terraskin before.

  2. Bonjour Nancy,
    Je suis toujours très sensible à la beauté et à la délicatesse de votre travail.

  3. I wouldn't have known this was colored pencil if you hadn't said it, Nancy. Looks like an awesome watercolor to me. I too love colored pencil work and wish my drawing skills were better. I suspect that would be my go to medium if I drew better.

  4. Thank you Wendy. You should try the TerraSkin. I think you would like it.

    Merci Olivier.

    Thank you Sherry. I like your colored pencil work and your drawing skills are good and getting better with each drawing you do.

  5. Nancy, can't believe this is color pencil, very beautiful! One of the things I admire is that you courageously try out all the mediums, not many artists do that!

  6. Thank you Prerana. I love to experiment with different mediums.

  7. Hi Nancy - your wonderful skill for really "seeing" is so evident here. Every media I see you use, you excell in and I think it is because you go into the essence of what you are painting. Hard for me to explain but easy for me to see.

  8. Thank you so much Julie. It's fun for me to try and recreate things that I find beautiful.


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