Monday, May 26, 2014

Silk Vineyard

Silk Vineyard
Image Size 13" x 19"
Silk dyes on silk
This is the other silk painting that I took to demonstrate on at the Tustin Art League.  I painted the sky to show them how to work without resist and then blended colors within a leaf and a couple of other places but did most of the painting this past week.  I like the realistic feeling of the sky juxtaposed with the graphic quality of the rest of the painting.  I used black resist on this one to give it the look of a stained glass window.

I haven't steamed this yet and it's not stretched so the border is a little uneven but it will look better when it's steamed and stretched.


  1. I think this is just stunning Nancy!! One of my favorite pieces to date. I always love stained glass pieces and their special look. I love green and leaves too so this is just a show stopper!

  2. Thank you Sherry. You and I are both green lovers I think. It's definitely my favorite color for paintings - the greener, the better! And, since I made stained glass windows for 20 years, I love this look of the divided colors too. I think the black resist works better for this painting than the clear resist. Maybe I should do one with the clear just to see the difference.

  3. Talk about having a niche, you have yours as well. These are delightful. Haven't worked much with greens or stained glass. Do you paint the resist on and it is like waxy?

    1. The resist is applied from a squeeze bottle with a very small tip attached. It is a liquid slightly thicker than the consistency of heavy cream. Applying the resist is one of my favorite parts of silk painting. It's a very meditative process for me.


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