Monday, October 26, 2015


Image Size 22" x 15"

I just attended another two day art workshop last week.  Two workshops within a month is not a usual thing for me, but it sure is a great way to spend a couple of days.  It's like a mini vacation.

This workshop was with Jeanne Hyland.  I've taken her "Wet and Workable" workshop before and really enjoyed it.  Even though I knew the basics of this technique from her last workshop, I still learned a lot this time and feel like I have a better understanding of what to do.  A little more experience painting in this style definitely makes a difference. 

This was a "Portraits and Pets" workshop.   In the past, I was hesitant to try painting animals and people.  I will have more confidence tackling them in the future.  There are three portrait projects that I've wanted to paint for years but have been too afraid to start.  I know, "it's just a piece of paper", but even with that thought in my head, I've been too intimidated to try.

This was painted from a photo that Jeanne took of a young waiter.  This painting doesn't look much like the photo but at least he does look human so I'm happy about that.  On my next portrait, I will be more careful about using green.  This poor guy looks a little under the weather.  I thought I would be able to lift the color out as I worked but whatever paint I used, it was not lifting at all.  Anyway, it was a fun project and I was less stressed as I painted it than I thought I would be.


  1. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Toutes mes félicitations pour votre participation à ces cours.
    J'apprécie que vous nous montriez le résultat de votre travail avec ce très joli portrait.
    J'aime beaucoup le travail de la peau avec les ombres et les lumières...

    Gros bisous ☾


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