Monday, July 4, 2016

Breaking Wave

"Breaking Wave"
Image Size 15" x 22"

I'm embracing one of the symbols of summer this week.  I really enjoy painting crashing waves and trying to capture the feeling of power in the water.  It's fun to paint in any medium but painting it in watercolor is always a challenge because the whites have to be saved when working with only transparent watercolor.  I used resist to save many of the whites and then worked wet into wet to get the softness of the spray and color blending in the wave.  I like the graphic quality that the hard edges of the resist add to the painting.


  1. Nancy, I am delighted to have rediscovered your blog (through your comment on Rosemary Sexton's blog). This is an awesome rendering of a crashing wave--hard to capture in a realistic way, I think. I have enjoyed browsing through your other entries and enjoying your varied subjects, your artistry, and your thoughts about each piece. Thank you.

  2. Another lovely piece, you married the power and the colors perfectly. Nice Nancy. Makes me want to brave the sharks and go swimming !!! :D)

    1. Thank you Nelvia. I prefer looking at the waves from the shore so I done have to think about sharks!


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