Monday, January 9, 2017

Vail Creek

"Vail Creek"
Image Size 6" x 8"

I tried working with the Ceracolors again.  This time, I didn't plan to heat them.  I worked on Bristol board with a plate finish, which is a very smooth surface.  I usually don't work on papers with a completely smooth finish, like bristol or hot press, but I do like the looser feeling that I am forced to get using this finish.  It's very hard (for me) to get smooth washes on this surface, which is good, because it forces me to work in a different manner.

It was fun working with the Ceracolors, but I was using them by painting thin veils of color,  which doesn't really show the waxy appearance for which they are intended.   Next time I won't thin them so much and will paint more layers to see what results I can get.  Also, I still need to try mixing them with my encaustic paints to see what happens.

So much to do......


  1. I think you are in the area that has been getting more rain, and hope that you aren't having issues, just enjoying getting some water. What crazy weather - was 16 with ice, now we are 70.
    I really like how this came out. The water and reflection colors are so natural.
    The problem with art is the more we learn the more we realize we don't know anything and that there is way more to do.
    Best to you

  2. Thank you Nelvia. We've been getting more rain this year than we have in the past 5 years or so. We haven't had any problems and most of the storms aren't really heavy rain, so that is good. We are supposed to have more rain tomorrow.


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