Monday, March 13, 2017


Image size 7.5" x 11"

I worked on saturated paper for this painting and played with the push/pull of color and value.  I got the background too dark so I used white watercolor to lighten it up and really like the effect.  I don't usually used white watercolor because that is considered a no no to watercolor purists and that is how I was taught to paint, but I don't think we should be constrained by such rules when creating.  It was very freeing to do something that goes against what I was taught to do.  It makes me feel like such a rebel. 😉


  1. Oh, you wild and crazy girl!!! they say you only have to know the rule to feel free to break it. Really like the way all the colors have blended so smoothly, guess that is because it was wet. I say go for whatever it takes to make it work for what you see in your mind.


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