Monday, October 23, 2017

Rainy Season

"Rainy Season"
Image Size 15" x 45"
We've been having another heat wave this week which made me want to paint something with cool, soothing colors that would remind me of how nice it's going to be when we get some rain.  I've been working on a large painting using acrylics and am really enjoying this medium so I decided to use it for this week's painting.  It is so versatile. It can be used thick like oil paint or thinned like watercolor.

For this painting, I mostly used the paints as I would watercolor paints, thinning them down so that they would run.  There are some areas where the paint is thicker, but mostly it is thin.  Acrylics really shouldn't be thinned with water too much because it affects the adhesion of the paint and it could flake off.  I should have used an acrylic medium to thin it, but the paint still would have been too thick.  I am planning to apply several coats of a UV varnish over this which will stabilize the paint as well as protect it from bright light so having thinned the paint won't be a problem.

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