Monday, February 12, 2018

Laguna Rocks

"Laguna Rocks
Image size 8" x 10"
Water Miscible Oils
I participated in a fun morning workshop in Laguna Beach last Saturday.  There were three different teachers helping students.  I worked with Rick Delanty.  I met him several years ago when he was a judge for an art show.  I have always admired his paintings and he is a wonderful teacher.  I learned a lot in the short workshop.  I wish he still taught classes, but he now spends all of his time painting.

This was the first time that I had tried water miscible oils.  In the past, I have talked with people that have tried them that didn't like them, so I was never tempted to try them.  I surely don't need another medium.  
After using them in the workshop, I think I really like them.  They act like oils, but don't have the noxious smell and they clean up with water.  I like thinning them with water since it seems more natural to me with my watercolor background.  I also like the slow drying time.  They have the blending capabilities of oil with the easy clean-up of acrylics.  It seems like the perfect medium for plein air painting, which I am wanting to try.

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