Monday, December 31, 2018

Lily Pad Sphere

Lily Pad Sphere
Image size 24" diameter

I tried a new experiment this week.  This handmade paper had no sizing in it so I sealed it with gesso which makes the paint sit on the surface.  That makes it hard to glaze layers of watercolor paint without lifting previous layers.  I wanted to use watercolor paints rather than acrylic paints because watercolor paints have more interesting textures and aren't as flat looking as acrylic.  

I bought some airbrush medium (Liquitex) which has the same consistency as water and used it to mix my paints (instead of water).  By doing that, once it dried, it became permanent so I didn't have to worry about previous layers lifting.  It does have that acrylic sheen which I don't like so I'm going to finish it with a layer of matte medium.

It was a fun experiment and I would definitely try this technique again on future paintings.

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