Monday, January 6, 2020

View From Heisler II

"View From Heisler II"
Image size 20" x 16"
A couple of weeks ago I posted a painting from this same reference photo, but it was on a long, skinny canvas.  It had been done as a palette knife painting using acrylics.  This is also a palette knife painting, but I used oils.  It was much easier to paint since the oils don't dry quickly.  The first one looked a bit more abstracted because I had lots of specks of the black underpainting showing.  Below is a picture of the first one.  Which do you like better?

Also this week, I finished the bisque firing for all of the tile mural pieces.  As long as I don't break any, I can start painting.  I will first paint the 'practice' mural that I made from the first pieces I cut that were too small.  If that turns out well, I can paint the real thing.  If it doesn't turn out well I guess I will just sit down and have a good cry....

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