Friday, August 26, 2022

"Pond in the Round"
Image size 23.75 diameter
I painted this in March but have been really bad about posting paintings lately.  When I was planning this painting, I wanted to have it painted on a round piece of wood.  Since cradling a round piece of wood is not easy, I decided to get a 1/2" thick piece of plywood with a finished side of birch wood.  After I cut the shape, I added a 1.75" thick framework to the back so that this will hang that distance from the wall to add interest and dimension to the painting.  The framework is recessed to the point that the painting looks like it is floating.  I don't know how many layers are on this painting but I kept painting, thinking I was done, deciding that I wasn't, and adding more layers.  Finally, I declared it finished and am very happy with it.


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