Monday, June 22, 2009

Acrylic Abstract III

This is a small abstract done in acrylic on a board coated with "Absorbent Ground" acrylic medium that is manufactured by Golden Acrylics. When I heard about this medium, I didn't think that it would really have a use for me personally. It's purpose is to give the artist a support with the same absorbency as a piece of watercolor paper. So I thought, "why wouldn't I just paint on a piece of watercolor paper instead of going through the extra work of prepping a support that would give the same effect?" However, after having painted on this medium I can see that by applying it with varying textures I will be able to achieve some nice effects. This piece is fairly smooth though. The experimenting will come later.

As I started this painting, I was trying to paint a representational subject. That didn't work for me on this medium so I just started playing around with it in a much more free manner (a very difficult thing for me to do) and I am very pleased with the result. It looks like an abstract forest to me.

Abstract Acrylic III
Image Size 7" x 9"

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