Monday, June 15, 2009

First Figs

Our figs are starting to ripen and I'm fighting the local wildlife for them. I love how colorful and textural the insides are and wanted to capture that. I have a lot of small mat boards that I have prepared with pumice gel just waiting for a pastel to be applied. I haven't worked with pastel for a very long time but I thought that medium would make this subject translate well. I like leaving the rough strokes when I work with pastels which is very different from my style with other mediums because I usually like everything to be blended. For those of you that work in pastels, you can probably tell that I'm left-handed because my strokes are going the "wrong" way.

First Figs
Image Size 4" x 6"


  1. Glad to have found your blog too, Nancy!

    I like how the colors in the table echo the colors of the fig seeds. Great texture on the table too.

    I answered your wax question on my blog, same post you left a comment on.

  2. Thanks Deborah, I'll check it out.


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