Monday, March 22, 2010


It looks like the fish on the left is telling tales, the fish in the middle is shocked and the fish on the right is coming closer to see what he is missing. That is why I titled this one "Gossip".
This is a round piece of paper and is handmade. I love the deckle edge all the way around. I got it in Santa Monica at Hiromi Paper Co. They have so many beautiful handmade papers and rice papers. I have 4 more of these to play with in the future. I was told that there wasn't any sizing on the paper so I painted a 50/50 mixture of matte medium and water to seal the paper before I started painting. That made painting it so much fun because the paint sat on the surface and did all kinds of interesting things. I was also able to lift paint. I can't wait to try another painting on this paper.

Image size 21.5" diameter


  1. Gosh, Nancy! I love all your pieces, but this is a new favorite. Both the round paper and the whimsy added to this subject make it magical in my eyes. Can you email me the price of this piece? I'd love to buy this one!!

  2. I love both the work & the title! The colors are so perfect for this piece. And I love the fish bowl effect of the round design. Great work!


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