Monday, March 15, 2010

Drifting Dunes

Well, this is very different for me. I've done a pastel two weeks in a row. I really do enjoy working with pastels but I don't think to use it that often. This was done for the March virtual paintout challenge. This month the location is Stavanger, Norway. It really is a beautiful place. These sand dunes look like they should be in a much more southern locale, don't they? I used Canson Mi-Teintes paper as the support for this. I hadn't used that paper for quite awhile. I used the back side because I don't like the texture of the front side. It's hard to get the pastel down into the little squares that the texture creates. It is a nice surface and uses a lot less pastel that the sanded surfaces. Of course, it won't hold as much pastel as the sanded surfaces but that wasn't an issue with this painting because there's not an extreme amount much layering.

Stavanger, Norway
Image size 8" x 11"


  1. I have never worked with pastel, but I have seen some marvelous pieces done in pastel. This is very nicely done.

  2. very nice.. love the colors and how you handled the pastel.. im just starting on pastels and finding them so much fun... just found out about the little squares..after using ton of pastel... i'll

  3. What a beautiful scene, Nancy! I am always amazed at the beautiful spots people find on GoogleMaps. I so wish I could paint like this. There is a soft feel to the piece that just sets a nice mood...

  4. This is lovely! The color palette is beautiful and the incredible depth you have achieved in this piece is amazing! I have never wanted to visit Norway - until now! Do a few more pastel pieces! You are on a roll. I just found the post of Sampson and you did a fabulous job with his pastel portrait!

  5. Lokelani, you should try pastels. They're really fun and a very relaxing medium.

    Cindi, thank you. I've seen your pastels and I can't believe you just started using that medium. You're doing great.

    Sherry, you absolutely could paint this. Have you tried pastels? I only remember seeing colored pencils and watercolors on your blog. Pastels are much more forgiving than either of those.

    Thanks Rosemary. Traveling with Google street maps makes me feel like I'm really there. I was surprised how Norway looked. I guess I was expecting everything to be covered in snow. It's very beautiful, isn't it?

  6. I smell the sea that the wind carries to me. The clouds seem to be moving. Possibly back tomorrow when the sky is already clean. Congratulations.


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