Monday, June 14, 2010

Fish and Flotsam - Watercolor

Here is the finished painting of the WIP I posted a couple of months ago. It has taken much longer than I thought it would and it's been a real journey. I didn't have a plan when I started this painting. I poured paint in that abstract shape that's on top of the fish and then tried to find my way. It's been fun and frustrating but I'm happy with the outcome. It's a bit weird but I think it's fun to stray from the norm every now and then.
The paper I used for this painting is one that I bought several years ago but never wanted to try because I was afraid that it would be unpredictable. For this project, it seemed perfect. It is called St Armand and it is a handmade paper, I believe. It has a wonderful texture and accepted the paint really well. Paints with a lot of sediment are my favorites and this paper really showed their beauty. The photo doesn't show the texture but in real life, it's really neat.

Fish and Flotsam
Image size 22" x 30"


  1. Marvellous just marvellous I so love your work.

  2. Oh how beautiful!! It looks as though the koi are frozen in the pond and the ice is cracking on the surface. What a cool image! Well done, Nancy! A quite successful endeavor!

  3. the colors and composition are so eye catching - so fun to look at

  4. Thanks Ralph, Sherry and Margaret.

  5. Think this fabulous and probably even more because over the course of a year you thought about it and went back to it. I would have trashed it when I first thought I had gone wrong! Good job!!

  6. I'm glad you like it Jill. Thanks!


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