Sunday, July 31, 2011

After The Storm - Pastels

I wanted to get in one more submission for the Virtual Paintout in Jersey this month and since it is an island, I wanted to do one that showed at least a little of the ocean.  I was really attracted to this dramatic sky.  I found it and went to the studio to paint it but it disappeared from my computer and it was hard to find again.  I went all of the way around the island thinking that it would be really easy to find this sky but with Google you can have sunny skies, travel 20 feet and have a sky like this.  Crazy!  Anyway, I finally found it and this time I sent the link to my e-mail so I wouldn't lose it again.

I thought that using pastels would be the best way to capture the look that I wanted with the sky.  I love how dark and ominous the sky is on the left and the blue sky peeking through on the right.  We don't often get dramatics skies like this here so it's fun to find it in Google to paint.

After The Storm
Image Size 6" x 9"


  1. Oh Nancy...this is just gorgeous. I would so love to live in that little house by the sea!

  2. This is wonderful. All the grays speak to me and I love the glimpse of the ocean.

  3. Thanks Sherry. I wouldn't mind living there myself.

    Thank you Jerry. I rarely use grays but it was fun working with them and trying to capture that incredibly dramatic sky.

  4. This is a beautiful painting, Nancy.! That sky is powerful and love the blue peeking out. Just a little bit of the ocean is perfect!

  5. Thank you Hilda. Painting skies is one of my favorite things especially when they are as interesting as this one.


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