Monday, June 12, 2017

Max's Woodland Friends

"Max's Woodland Friends"
Image size 10' x 8'

My first grand baby was born a few weeks ago and I painted this mural in his room.  My daughter-in-law came up with the idea and her theme for the room is "Woodland Animals" so we put in her favorites.  My favorite is the raccoon peeking out of the hole in the tree.  The book that bear is reading still needs to have the title put on it, but I didn't know my grand baby's name until he was born and I haven't had time to put the finishing details on it since he was born.

I've been working on making dresses for my daughter's wedding so I haven't had much time to get down to San Diego since he was born.  I've only seen him a few times.  After my daughter's wedding I will make up for lost time.  I miss his sweet little face!!

Here are some close ups:

He still needs his whiskers....


  1. First of all, congratulations Grandma!!! SO exciting!! What a beautiful job on the mural, Nancy! I'm sure it was so much fun painting all those animals on the wall. I LOVE the raccoon. And the leaves on the wall: Outstanding!!!!!

  2. Thank you Hilda. This was so much fun to paint. My son says that now that the tree is painted, their dog likes to lay under it. Before it was painted, he never went into that room. ; )


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