Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunstone Villa

"Sunstone Villa"
Image Size 8" x 8"
My daughter's wedding was this past Friday up in Santa Ynez, CA at the Sunstone Winery Villa.  This beautiful villa was built with stones and various other materials imported from Europe.  It is an amazing property and being there feels as though you've traveled to another country.  

The wedding was amazing and the setting was magical.  I'm so happy to have gained a wonderful son-in-law.  I am truly blessed.

I painted this on a cradled panel with a textured finish meant for oils and acrylics.  I painted it in watercolor because my daughter wanted to give it to the wedding photographer as a gift and my acrylics are at my son's house and oils would have taken too long to dry.

The texture adds an interesting effect and it was fun working on a non-porous surface with watercolor.  I sprayed it with a sealer so that it could be displayed on an easel.  


  1. First off job well done with family. This is just beautiful and turned out so well. Photographer will be thrilled. Now are you going to paint wedding bouquet?

  2. I probably won't paint the bouquet, but I'm going to paint this scene again for my daughter and son-in-law on one of the parasols that we used at the wedding. I did that for my niece's wedding and my daughter loves it.


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