Monday, April 2, 2018


Image size 6" diameter
I've been working on a large encaustic, so I just painted a small study for this week's painting.  I've had this handmade piece of watercolor paper for several years and thought it would be fun to use as a support.  I didn't test it, but I am pretty sure that it doesn't have any sizing, so I put a coat of fiber paste on it to give it an interesting texture and to seal it.   The fiber paste that I used is an acrylic medium made by Golden Paint Company.  I'm a big fan of that company's products and they have a wonderful website full of information.  They have a series of videos on their site and they also employ artists that demonstrate their products around the country.  Along with their acrylic paints and mediums, they also make Qor watercolors (which I love) and oil paints (which I've never tried). 

This is a very cool thing on their website.  It's a virtual paint mixing guide.  You can click on colors, add varying amounts and see what the mixture will look like.  

I know it sounds like work for Golden, but I am just really impressed by their products and how supportive they are.

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