Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Painting Party Vineyard

"Painting Party Vineyard"
Image size 9" x 12"

This painting was finished on Friday, but I forgot to post it yesterday.  I've been really busy with several projects and my brain just couldn't handle one more thing I guess.

On Friday, I led a painting party for a friend.  About 10 people painted.  I wanted a scene that would be easy to do, but not look simplistic.  I've never led a painting party before so I was pretty nervous.  I painted along with everyone so they could copy what I was doing.  Only a few people did that.  Some people painted something totally different and others copied the example that I had brought but painted much more quickly than I did.  It was really fun to see everyone's creativity and I think they all turned out really well.  I wish I had pictures of them.


  1. So did you have the steps planned out? I know Val has great results too with her parties. Hope everyone got a glass of wine from this vineyard, yeah you know where my mind is

    1. I did plan the steps so it would be as easy as possible for everyone. And yes, there was wine!


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